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Lately, by the end of year 2008, the EC Engineering Company has started an action of tutoring training courses under the evocative name “Quick Start”.
The main subject–matter of these courses is participants’ attainment of MSC.Software Company basic ken of computer programming. Our training activities are held in all major cities of Poland, which are the academic centres at the same time. Courses are maintained by EC Engineering Company specialists with a long-term work experience in domain of a simulating software systems.
These instructional courses are an unrivalled opportunity for students to become acquainted with an engineer programming, which is placing itself among the ranking leaders of computer software used in non – destructive simulations and research.
The purpose of trainings is participants’ cognition of fundamental actions which are vital to solve issues ranging throughout kinematics, statics and dynamics of mechanisms in the environment of  MSC.Adams , as well as for performing analysis with a usage of MSC.Patran & MSC.Nastran.
Our courses happen to be extremely successful among potential engineers.
There have been performed 12 training series till now and over 100 students have been nurtured by the time. Courses were held equally  in Cracow and Warsaw.
For the sake of the fact that our training offer has succeeded to have a great interest , we are planning to start in a short time period, further editions of courses in Cracow and Warsaw; in a soon future also in many other academic centres.

As we want to face students’ needs and adjust to their day schedules, ECE has put into action a possibility to organize the training courses  for student groups which enclose minimum 5 and maximum 15 members, they report themselves and propose the most suitable date.

Your participation is welcome!