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EC Engineering is chartered to provide basic and specialized training in the use of Virtual Products. Development tools to maximize your investments in software tools. The Institute maintains state-of-the-art classroom facilities and individual computer graphics laboratories at training centers throughout the world. Our goal is to accelerate your ability to innovate through the use of simulation tools and services. This catalog is your guide to the world’s largest Virtual Product Development curriculum. Our courses are designed with an emphasis on case-based training, where you learn how to use software tools and apply the related theory while solving real design and engineering problems.


Flexible Training Options

The Institute's live training is the best way to gain skills that are tailored to your operations. Our instructors not only provide tools and theory training, but consult with you to define solutions to your actual design and engineering problems. To further meet your specific requirements, we offer three options for live instruction.

  • Standard Public Courses - Choose from our wide selection of courses conveniently.
  • Private Courses - If you have a number of employees who need training, we offer the cost effective option of bringing our class to your facility. This eliminates employee travel costs, minimizes time away from work, and can be arranged at your convenience.
  • Custom Courses - If our standard seminar offerings do not meet your training requirements, we can develop a course or set of courses tailored to your specific needs. A custom course might include a combination of topics from several standard courses or specialized material not found in any of our standard seminars. We will work with your staff to design the course you need. We can deliver custom and private courses live or via the web. We can also help insure that you have the adequate hardware and software licenses available for private courses.


Training Products

We provides a convenient set of training products to give you access to high quality training, even if you cannot attend a live training course. These products can also serve as a valuable reference tool for employees who have taken a live class, but need a short refresher on a particular subject.


Course Schedules and Registration

Our catalog includes descriptions of our standard worldwide courses offerings, along with their schedules.


For More Information

Please contact your local sales office for additional details on our training products and services. Our experts can help you create a training plan that fits your personal needs and insures that you get the most from your VPD investments.


Static and Normal Modes Analysis

The purpose of this seminar is to introduce the new MSC.Nastran user to the basic text input requirements for linear static and normal modes analysis of structures. Many important features of MSC.Nastran are illustrated with numerous example problems. MSC.Nastran data structureand element library, modeling practices, model debugging, and guidelines for efficient solutions are discussed. This seminar provides the foundation required for intermediate and advanced MSC.Nastran applications.

MSC.Nastran Nonlinea Analysis

This seminar provides a working knowledge of the nonlinear capabilities of MSC.Nastran for static and dynamic analysis. Both geometric and material nonlinearity are discussed in detail. Nonlinear features of MSC.Nastran elements are explained and several examples are presented. Some practical guidelines for nonlinear analysis are also given.


Analysis of Composit Materials with MSC.Nastran

MSC.Nastran can be efficiently and effectively used to model laminated composites. MSC.Nastran allows the user to specify the material properties, orientation, and thickness for each lamina in the composite layup. The program then calculates the properties of the equivalent plate. This automatic representation of laminated composites is available in all MSC.Nastran solution sequences; however stresses, strains, and failure indices can be recovered at the lamina level for only statics, normal modes, and nonlinear statics. In addition, MSC.Nastran can be used for multi-disciplinary structural optimization of laminated composite materials. This seminar describes how to use MSC.Nastran for practical analysis and design optimization of composite materials. Examples are provided that illustrate typical uses for all major topics. The MSC.Patran composite pre- and postprocessing is also shown.


Linear Statics and Normal Modes Analysis using MSC.Nastran & MSC.Patran

This seminar introduces basic finite element analysis techniques for linear static, normal modes, and buckling analysis of structures using MSC.Nastran and MSC.Patran. MSC.Nastran data structure, the element library, modeling practices, model validation, and guidelines for efficient solutions are discussed and illustrated with examples and workshops. MSC.Patran will be an integral part of the examples and workshops and will be used to generate and verify illustrative MSC.Nastran models, manage analysis submission requests, and visualize results. This seminar provides the foundation required for intermediate and advanced MSC.Nastran applications.


MSC.Patran for Advanced Users

This course provides an in-depth examination of the advanced features of MSC.Patran. Sample topics covered by this seminar include: advanced MSC.Patran features usage for meshing and mesh refinement, use of various MSC.Patran Command Language (PCL) files for session customization, application of advanced geometric construction techniques, definition of fields to represent spatially varying functions for loads and boundary conditions, generation of constraint equations (MPCs) to define physical relationships, and creation of sophisticated multi-effect graphical images.