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Production site - Cracow

     Production department of EC Engineering operates in the continuously modernized hall on Centralna 51 street in Cracow, where the still growing number of qualified experts, ensuring high quality of produced equipment, is employed. Well-equipped and continuously developing equipment park favors introductions of new equipment for production, depending on needs of the market.  Experienced designers and experts creating prototypes are taking care of professionals of the innovations.

The plant has become specialized in serial production:

·         railway pantographs type 160EC,

·         tram pantographs type 70EC,


·         vacuum toilet module EC VAC,

·         wipers for any railway and tram vehicle,

·         footrest for driver or motorman.


     We are the first Polish company which, after more than 20 years of a gap in the Polish market within the scope of feeding power to rail traction units, elaborated and implemented serial production of the 160EC railway pantograph – from the concept, through the prototype and field tests, to the activation of a dedicated production line.

    Currently the design-research works over the further products intended for railway industry are in progress. Railway pantograph type 200EC is in the design stage and it is intended for traction network voltage from 1.5 kV to 25 kV. Also tram pantograph type 120EC with ADD system and charger for bus with electric drive are designed.


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