Ec Engineering » aviation

For the aviation industry we offer geometric measurements, strength measurements, load measurements, conducted as a part of prototype testing process of the small airplanes, vibration and noise measurements during the flight.   


  • Geometric measurements of the airplane parts and components with use of the precise measurement devices – laser tracker;
  • Strain gauge measurements, conducted in order to determine loads during test manoeuvres. Tests conducted using an automatic, standalone mobile devices (with no need to assist permanently during the test). Determining the torque of bending and torsional forces acting on the machine components during the flight;
  • Stationary dynamic tests (modal analysis) and operational (during the flight) vibro – acoustic measurements;
  • In depth acoustic measurements and analyses: 1/n-octave, narrow band FFT, spectral maps, statistics.


For all measurements and analyses we use a high-end acquisition equipment and high class measurement sensors:

  • Scadas 310 and Scadas mobile dynamic analysers, manufactured by LMS, along with the LMS Test.Lab/TestXpress software;
  • Measurement microphones (free field and pressure microphones) manufactured by G.R.A.S.;
  • Accelerometers, hammers and force sensors manufactured by PCB;
  • Strain gages, Vishay, HBM;
  • Thermo-vision cameras manufactured by FLIR;
  • High speed cameras manufactured by Vision Research.


Examples of completed projects:

  • Geometric measurements of the military aircraft fuselage, using the laser tracker device;
  • Modal analysis of the aircraft components in the context of its dynamic behaviour under dynamic forces during the plane exploitation.