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For manufacturers  from the automotive industry we offer a number of measurement services, supporting the process of virtual designing of the vehicle structures and entire vehicles.  


We conduct research and development works on new models and prototypes of:   

  • Passenger vehicles;
  • Buses;
  • Trucks and light commercial vehicles;
  • Semitrailers and trailers.


We offer:

  • Strain gauge measurements, used for the assessment of the strength parameters, taking into consideration the fatigue limits of suspension components etc. and also for the determination of forces and moments acting on the structure during its exploitation;
  • Analysis of the drive dynamics with regard to the suspension system and assessment of dynamic loads during the drive;
  • Vibro – acoustic analyses – including measurements completed with the use of the new NVH (noise vibration & harshness)  techniques, aiming at assessing the noise and vibrations emission within the vehicle and identification of the vibro - acoustic energy sources and transmission paths. The purpose of this analysis is the optimisation of the vibro - acoustic parameters, material selection and finding the solutions to the particular issues, which negatively  influence the passenger comfort. Methods used during the NVH analysis include: modal analysis, TPA (transfer path analysis), order tracking, ASQ (acoustic source quantification);
  • Noise measurements – interior and exterior;  
  • Acoustic measurements – identification of the character of the generated noise through the analysis of the recorded signals (1/n-octave, narrow band FFT, spectral maps, statistics);
  • Vibration tests of the components, conducted using the electromagnetic shakers with various excitation (sine wave, noise, shock, combined mode); 
  • run-up and run-down measurements (order tracking), which allow to determine vibration and noise of vehicles depending on the rotational speed of engine;
  • Thermal imagining measurements: measurements of the spot temperatures or temperature distribution for numerous components, checking the condition of the insulation and electric connections;  
  • Measurements conducted with the use of the high speed camera: measurement of the fast changing phenomena and analysis of the obtained visual information (crash tests);
  • Consultancy and training in the field of measurements and vibro – acoustic analyses.


For all measurements and analyses we use a modern acquisition equipment and high class measurement sensors:

  • Scadas 310 and Scadas mobile dynamic analyzers, manufactured by LMS, along with the LMS Test.Lab software;
  • Measurement microphones (free field and pressure microphones) manufactured by G.R.A.S.;
  • Vibration sensors, hammers and force sensors manufactured by PCB;
  • Strain gauges, Vishay, HBM;
  • Laser vibrometers manufactured by Polytec;
  • Thermo-vision cameras manufactured by FLIR;
  • High speed cameras manufactured by Vision Research.


Examples of completed projects:

  • Measurement in operational condition in order to collect data with regard to strength and dynamics, conducted for a number of truck and Heavy Duty vehicles of German partner. Measurements conducted with the use of the the RLDA – Road Load Data Acquisition methodology. Multichannel recording on the vehicle during test rides: stress, acceleration, vibrations, displacement, pressure and forces;
  • TPA – Transfer Path Analysis – identification of the most critical components, nodes and paths in the drive and suspension system in vibro-acoustic context. Number of projects realized for leading European car manufacturers – a project allows to optimise the vibro-acoustic performance of the vehicle;  
  • ASQ – Acoustic Source Quantification – Quantitative assessment of vibro-acoustic energy generated by the particular components and panels of high-class vehicles – assessment of the participation of each component in the overall level of vibration and noise;
  • Modal analysis – modal analysis for components of the car.