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We provide comprehensive solutions for the design of vehicles, sub-assemblies, details, machines, equipment, specialised lines, measurement stations and modernisation of the structure.


All of our designs are created in a 3D environment, which allows for the functional, ergonomics and collision occurrence analysis, whereas the 2D documentation is automatically associated with the model and updated.


One of the main purposes of our company is the research and development activity, associated with state-of-the-art design techniques (3D design, modern materials, lightweight structures, shape optimisation, ergonomics of designed systems).


Preparation of technical documentation for a product is preceded by the creation of three-dimensional computer model of the designed parts or assemblies. Based on CAD 3D models we draw up 2D drawing documentation (technical drawings), both simplified (prototype documentation, control and acceptance documentation) and complete, for the purpose of production.

Documentation is always drawn up in conformity with the requirements and standards of our Customers – already at the stage of preliminary design of the product, apart from basic functional requirements we conduct a series of optimisation processes, dependent on the requirements imposed by the Customers.


With CAD tools we create 3D models of the structure, on the basis of which the parametric 2D documentation is then drawn up. 3D modelling allows for the direct transfer of the model to CAE, CAM and CNC systems.


The scope of numerical analyses for the automotive industry covers a certain range of issues related to vehicle body structure:

  • linear and nonlinear static and dynamic analysis
  • fatigue analysis
  • collision analysis
  • natural frequency analysis
  • dynamic response in terms of time and frequency
  • random response analysis
  • stability analysis, software
  • CFD analysis, software
  • Multibody analysis, software
  • materials used in the analyses: steel, aluminium, plastic, foam, materials for casting


The software used for pre-and post-processing: HyperMesh, MSC.Patran, Ansa, MSC. SimXpert, Ansys.


We offer both conceptual development of the appearance of the vehicle, as well as the production versions of CAD models. We carefully inspect every detail for the final effect to be consistent and make a unity. Our designers keep track of global trends, which is why our work results in carefully refined and up-to-date concepts or, upon the customer's request, even beyond the current trend. During the design process we consider the structure, ergonomics and safety of the vehicle. The appearance of the vehicle is tailored to customer's requirements and the current style of the brand.


We are with the customer from the moment when the conception appears to its very implementation, commissioning and validation, and the designs are optimised at each stage of their formation. The potential risk is identified for each project at every stage and every level of its implementation. Effective risk management, i.e. active monitoring of the progress of the project and quick response in emergency situations, is a guarantee of the success of each project.