Ec Engineering » Railway

Support for engineering projects in the areas of strength and durability, vibro-acoustics, structural dynamics and noise measurements and analysis.


We conduct research and development works of new models and prototypes of:   

  • Locomotives
  • Tram carriages
  • Electric multiple units (EMU), Diesel multiple units (DMU)
  • Railway carriages  
  • Pantographs   
  • Railroad infrastructure


We offer:

  • operational strain gage measurements – used for assessing the strength parameters, taking into consideration the fatigue strength of carriages, bogies and suspension components;
  • analysis of the system dynamics during work – assessment of the dynamic parameters of the drive system, determination of the comfort indicators for the passengers;
  • vibro-acoustic analyses – assessment of vibration and noise levels in the vehicle and identification of the sources and the paths, along which the vibrations and noise can be transmitted to the interior of the vehicle;
  • noise measurements – interior and exterior noise level measurement for the vehicle;  
  • acoustic measurements – in-depth analysis of measured data, according to standards (1/n-octave, narrow band FFT, spectral maps, statistics);
  • experimental and operational modal analysis of the vehicle structure (determination of eigen frequencies);
  • vibration tests of the components, conducted using the electromagnetic shakers with various types of excitation (sine wave, noise, shock, combined mode);
  • validation of numerical models with the use of strength tests and structural dynamic tests;
  • optimisation of the existing solutions with regard to strength and vibro-acoustic;
  • consultancy and training in the field of measurements and vibro – acoustic analyses.
  • recording using thermal imagining cameras (power electronic systems, heating systems) and high speed cameras (crash tests);
  • visual monitoring;
  • electronic control devices for use in railway applications – control the lighting and heating systems in the vehicle, controllers for devices such as vacuum toilet or railway pantograph.


For all measurements and analyses we use a high-end acquisition equipment and high class measurement sensors:

  • Scadas 310 and Scadas mobile dynamic analysers, manufactured by LMS, along with the LMS Test.Lab/TestXpress software;
  • Measurement microphones (free field and pressure microphones) manufactured by G.R.A.S.,
  • Accelerometers, hammers and force sensors manufactured by PCB;
  • Strain gauges provided by Vishay, HBM;
  • Thermo-vision cameras manufactured by FLIR;
  • High speed cameras manufactured by Vision Research.


Completed projects:

  • Strength measurements of the structure of railway carriages for the EMU and DMU trains;
  • Measurement of the comfort level in the city trams;
  • Analysis of the dynamics of rail and tram pantographs;
  • Stress measurements in the SUW2000 system;
  • Measurements of dynamic parameters of the railway track for high speed train ;