Ec Engineering » Railway

Since 2000 our company also designs rail vehicles and their components.


With our experienced staff we are able to prepare comprehensive projects of:


  •  trams (Newag 126N, Pesa 120N, 121N, 805NM, FPS123N, Solaris S100 Tramino)
  •  electric multiple units (Newag 14WE, 19WE, 31WE, 35WE)
  • locomotives (Newag E6ACT, E4MSU, 311D, KVSZ EMU Loco)
  • diesel multiple units (ZNTK Poznań 213M, 251M, Newag 220M, 221M, 222M, FPS 217M, KVSZ DMU, Remar DMU)
  • passenger cars (Newag XB, 134 AC, Z2A, Z2B, 158A, FPS, Remar Monovolume)
  • underground trains
  • freight cars


Combining creativity and knowledge of engineers, we create designs set within modern technology and tailored to customer requirements, at the same time corresponding to the current trends.



Designs prepared by us conform to the applicable provisions of the TSI regulations, whereas in terms of welded constructions they meet the requirements of EN15085, which is consistent with the granted CL2 certificate.


Using modern CAD tools, such as CATIAv5, ProEngineer or NX, we are able to unify the developed structure, optimise vehicle weight and the cost of its production already at the stage of preparing the documentation. We also implement vehicle modernisation projects resulting from changes in regulations or the so-called "polonisation."


By participating in the designs of rail vehicles intended for eastern markets, we have gained unique knowledge of the provisions and requirements of GOST standards and the experience in designing vehicles for the use in low temperatures – all this supplemented with the knowledge of Russian language in case of some of our engineers.


The process of vehicle designing is supported by the Business Management System validated with IRIS certificate, which facilitates cooperation with the customer through such aspects as risk management and management of changes in the design.


While offering:

  • vehicle body static and fatigue analyses
  • crash analyses
  • movement dynamics analysis
  • durability analyses for pieces of equipment


performed by means of specialised simulation software (Ls-Dyna, Ansys, Adams, Hyper-Mesh, Simpack, etc.), we verify whether the design conforms to applicable regulations and standards.


Confirmation of the technical compatibility of simulations with reality is achieved through making a series of tests and studies on real objects.


The offer of the design office, including preparation of the design of any assembly and welding instrument, can be extended to its production in the factory in Mielec. All vehicle equipment parts in batch production, e.g. pantographs and footrests, have been developed by our specialists.

By participating in the design of ZEFIRO high-speed train intended for the Chinese and Italian market, ICx train for the German market, Impuls train type 31WE/35WE or Griffin and Dragon locomotives, we have confirmed the high engineering competences of our office.