Ec Engineering » National Centre for Research and Development

EC Engineering participates in the project co-financed by the National Centre for Research and Development as part of the EUREKA initiative.


It is a project marked with E! 4907 symbol, task name: CHASING "Advanced Simulation Methodologies for Chassis & Suspension Engineering: Optimizing Driving Dynamics of Intelligent Vehicles”).


The main goal of the project is to develop a brand new generation of simulation methods and models that would contribute to optimization of many functional properties of the vehicles with regard to dynamics, steering ability, travel comfort and quality, as well as improvement of travel stability (traction properties), safety, issues of vibration and noise (NVH), strength and reliability.


EC Engineering will be responsible for development of the following aspects:


-        Technical concept of the chassis and suspension system for city buses, design procedures based on 2D and 3D simulations,

-        Procedures concerning analysis of suspension system with regard to various traffic conditions and comparison with other systems,

-        Simulations of bus suspensions using flexible multibody type models in order to evaluate durability of selected assemblies

-        Integration of an innovative suspension system within the existing infrastructure,

-        Making parts of the prototype innovative system and testing the suspension for city buses.