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EC Engineering company benefits from co-financing of projects under the European Regional Development Fund, Operational Programme – Innovative Economy, Measure 6.1. Paszport to Export.


1st stage of the project: Preparing export development plan


Duration: 10.08.2009 - 10.11.2009 r.


The main goal of the project is to purchase consultancy services, as a result of which an Export Development Plan for EC Engineering will be created. Detailed planning of export activity of the company and presenting it in the form of a coherent document will improve the competitiveness of EC Engineering on the European and domestic markets and increase export of the offered design and engineering services.


A direct result of establishing an Export Development Plan will be international promotion of EC Engineering’s brand as an attractive business partner having broad prospects and experience in the area of top-quality engineering design services. Execution of the project through establishment of an Export Development Plan could increase the company’s trade abroad and help it adapt to the changing needs of foreign partners. The purchased consultancy services and the resulting document would present a detailed range of promotional activities, export expansion prospects best for the company, diagnosis of target market potential, as well as legal and procedural aspects related to provision of design services by the company. The Export Development Plan will enable coordinated actions resulting in communication of the EC Engineering’s service offer thanks to promotional and communication tools, making it easier to reach a profiled group of potential international customers.